Why the Mirror?

One of the reasons the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fascinates me more than any other at-large issue is the fact that it functions as a self-reflective Rorschach test. There is no conflict that inflames the passions of its participants and observers more. And, therefore, there is no conflict that does more to investigate and clarify the essential nature of those same participants and observers. If you stare into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict long enough, eventually you see yourself staring back.

Who do you support in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Who do you want to win or, do you want there to be no winner at all? Why? Who, within this conflict and its history, are your heroes? Who are your villains? Why do you see them that way? Why do you care about this conflict so much? Why does it continue unabated? Ask yourself any of these questions and it will create Dostoevsky-like fits of self-examination. You will begin to realize the ethical, moral and political parameters that guide your feelings. You will understand the basic and essential notions of your own being that guide your passion. You will also realize, at various times, how loose, fallible and delicate these basic parts of your soul are.

So, why the mirror? Because a mirror symbolizes that which is the most interesting and underreported facet of this long-standing international issue. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict helps you see yourself. It clarifies who you are and what you believe and how this places you among the qualities and beliefs of the rest of the world. Becoming deeply involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s discussion is the ultimate exercise in self-reflection.

This concept of the mirror is a counterpoint to the scale in many ways. The scale symbolizes order, precision and clarity. A scale stands for objectivity. A mirror stands for everything that is opposed to that.

This blog will have articles that ask provocative questions that show how discussion surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict boils down to essential issues of morality, ethics and identity.

This blog will have articles that connect issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the essential questions of life itself.

This blog will take breaks from its cold logical investigations to engage in forms of solipsism, self-analysis, and armchair psychology.

By honoring the symbolism of the mirror, this blog seeks to go beyond the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and hit on something greater. Who are we? What do we want? What is our purpose? How do we know that we are livingin accordance with what we presume our purpose is?

These sections of the blog will, hopefully, be the most fascinating and most bedeviling. They might give fewer answers, but they will attempt large philosophical heft.

The mirror provides an image of the self. In the self is where you can find the essential of your own meaning. Through examination of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict this blog hopes to provide the same service as the mirror.