Why the Scale?

A scale measures. It provides a number. When used to measure weight it reduces every object, every flora, fauna, human, solid, gas, liquid into a simple effect- how much that thing exerts force upon the earth.

When you ask “how much does this weigh?” or “does this weigh more than that?” the method is simple and the information sought is clear when the scale is used. A scale, when used properly, leaves no room for obfuscation, repression or deceit. The scale provides the measurement, it tests whether a proposition about the universe is true or false, useful or obsolete, logical or fallible.

The discussion surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and its attendant issues, badly needs inspiration from the scale. This conflict and the conversation surrounding it is so fraught that basic essential questions are ignored, definition of perspective and motive is unclear, cold truths beyond moralizing and fantasization left freezing.

This blog will attempt to draw inspiration from the concept of the scale. It will, using the available facts of the conflict, various scholarship, current events, and political and historical inferences, do its best to answer provocative, useful and clarifying questions in a precise way, removed from fear and pathos.

Many of the articles of this blog will examine popular arguments used in various discussions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Most often, it will try to show them as faulty.

Some articles of this blog will examine the state of the conflict, and propose means by which certain parties may advance their interests. This will include Palestinian Nationalists, Leftists, Right Wing Zionists, Liberal Zionists, European Neoliberals, Arab Countries, Iranian nationalists and many more. It will make these proposals carefully, provide reasons why they would improve the specific parties interests, and also ways they could backfire.

Articles of this blog will define tenable objectives of human ethics and morality, and will ask what policy proposals or methods to act towards the conflict, or end results of the conflict, would best align with these moral objectives.

I am a human being, bound to fallibility. I expect to retract claims in these articles, I expect to admit wrong-headedness and faulty analysis. I expect the scale, in those moments, to be a symbol of my inability to “measure up.”

But, I deeply believe that using the scale as a guiding principle will push the discussion of this blog to novel ideas. I hope that these ideas will lead those who read them to innovative thoughts and perspectives. I hope that by adhering to the scale I will bring fresh air and life into this discursive arena.

And, if these hopes come to pass, it will be because of the concept of the scale as much as anything else.